About Me!


Hi Guys! My name is Caitlin and I am a Dietetics student with a Health Promotion Minor. I will be the first to tell you, it is very hard to keep a healthy lifestyle in college. With school, working, volunteering, and still maintaining a life; it’s hard to make time for a healthy meal and working out. There is no easy way of keeping up with it all, but I would like this blog to help you and inspire you guys to stay on track because it is well worth it! I will post easy, quick, and cheap recipes, workouts, and some tips and tricks that I use to stay healthy. I am extremely passionate about Health and Wellness because it has everything to do with your life and how you live and enjoy it. I think that living a health lifestyle brings happiness and well being and in turn makes for a long, enjoyable life.

My life is pretty much based on family, friends, food, and fitness. These things mean everything to me. I am so glad to say that my friends and family are just like me.

We have a love to explore new things and be outdoors. Some things I enjoy doing are running, hiking, playing racquetball, and pretty much anything outdoors.


I am also very involved in the SDA at my school. I served as co-president this last year and had a blast. SDA stands for Student Dietetic Association. We volunteer for a lot of food pantries to collect food, we host runs to promote wellness in our community, we set up booths at the health fair, we do food demos at the local farmers market, along with many other things.


I also teach group fitness at my college’s Rec Center. The classes that I teach include power yoga, sunrise yoga, candlelit yoga, RealRyder Cycling, Body Barre, and SUP yoga (stand up paddle board yoga).  Lastly, have ran two half-marathons and this past March, I ran my first full marathon. The atmosphere was amazing and I definitely suggest doing on for fun if you are a dedicated runner.

 The reason for me calling my blog “Mind Your Own Body” is because we all are guilty of looking at these health and fitness blogs and seeing these women who are insanely gorgeous and in shape and expect that if we do exactly as they do, we should look like them. Trust me, we’ve all done it; and we have let it affect our self esteem and the way we look at our own bodies and progress that we have worked very hard for. But, I am telling you right now, it’s POINTLESS. Everyone has a weight and body shape that is entirely yours. Starving yourself, overworking your body, and comparing yourself to others will not get you to your goal body. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, working out and taking rest days when needed, and setting reasonable goals based on what feels best for you will get you there though!



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